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Discover chocolate you'll love.

ignite your senses.

High Camp is the pioneer in the floral industry with fresh cut-to-order gardenias and fine candles.

Tantalizing aromas from their flowers and flames are paired with the layered luxury of INARU'S fine cacao.

An ephemeral, alchemic experience to the only moment we have- now.

Both High Camp and INARU have masterfully curated their offerings through years of refining the optimal growing methods for gardenias and cacao alike.

A gift that brings you back to beauty- enjoy three unique combinations that are sure to delight.

When you open the High Camp x INARU gift box with beautiful fragrant gardenias and delicious chocolates, you will understand why.

The magicis in the details with eachgorgeous combination.

The Truffles

Consisting of 60% Cacao, 100% Dominican delight, the truffle collection arrives with three indulgent flavors:
(2) Signature Dark - The perfect dark chocolate truffle,
(2) Kora® Mocha - Infused with Cafe Kora® Dominican Coffee for a bold mocha flavor, and (2) Blended Spice - A vibrant, aromatic blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground ginger.

The Bars

Four decadent chocolate bars in three distinct flavors:

(1) 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate - our perfectly rich and utterly smooth dark chocolate

(1) 66% Cacao Vanilla and Chamomile - infused by hand with Madagascar vanilla and chamomile tea

(2) 70% Cacao Auyama Seeds and Cranberries - velvety chocolate with tangy, chewy bursts of dried cranberry and the subtle crunch of Dominican pumpkin seeds.


INARU chocolate bars are gluten-free, soy-free, and lecithin free. Inaru chocolate bars do not have dairy or nuts in the formulation but are produced in a facility that handles dairy and nuts. The truffles contain dairy and may contain traces of wheat, soy, and nuts.

Nature, the ultimate luxury in full bloom

Enjoy a one of a kind collaboration between two female-founded companies as we come together to create the perfect pairing.