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Discover chocolate you'll love.

Purveyor of Joy and Magical Beans

Nature is the great alchemist, and pure, fine Hispaniola cocoa is the manifestation of this magic.

Nature: its beauty, ferocity, tranquility, and harmony is the ultimate luxury.

With the wisdom of the Earth as our muse, our mission is to fuel the next wave of global change, offering abundance, inclusion, equity, and dignity through a bite of paradise.

INARU is a movement in ethical agriculture,

connecting enthusiasts with premium cacao products that reflect the richness, beauty and ethical luxury that nature provides.

INARU provides premium cocoa products

from the Dominican Republic to discerning enthusiasts who know true luxury is free from compromise. Through a unique, inclusive model INARU enriches each connection - from land, to cultivator to chocolatier.

Experiencing an INARU product

provides joy in knowing that from seed to savoring, your moment of happiness has been shared.

Uncompromising Luxury

INARU's ecosystem unlocks

ownership and the value of the entire production cycle-

while simultaneously elevating and rewarding producers.

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