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Crafted to bring the fruity and floral flavors of our beloved land to your hands: Vanilla and Chamomile, Auyama Seeds and Cranberries, and our Signature Dark.

Experience the flavors altogether as a tasting, or savor each bar one at a time.
$27.00 USD

Bar Flavors

Premium Organic Cacao

Women & POC-Owned

Farmer-First Approach

Safe and Tested

Our chocolate is the pure alchemy of soil, sun, water
and nothing else.
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INARU’s producers-first approach enriches farmers without middlemen and markups, through direct contracts and payments. Farmers enjoy a profit share from products made from their beans, directly aligning INARU’s success with their own.


Our Story

Learn more about our passion, purpose and founders, Janett and Erika Liriano.

Discover what makes INARU chocolate the best for the world...

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Each INARU chocolate bar is not only a pleasure for the palate but a bold affirmation of this claim. Our story is not just about beans and flavors but an unwavering commitment to every person involved in creating our chocolate. From seed to bar, each step is a tribute to craftsmanship, sustainability, and authenticity.

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